12 Nov

Small Business Loans Made Easy


Posted by: Lynne Gibson

Small Business Loans Made Easy

As a small business owner do you need access to cash and looking for an innovative solution?

With today’s lending guidelines it is often difficult for Small Business Owners to obtain funds from the main stream banks and lenders.  Merchant Cash Advances (MCA) is an option for businesses that accept debit / credit card payments to obtain access to cash in typically 7- 10 days!

Why choose an MCA over a traditional bank loan?

ü  NO COLLATERAL.  Based on sustainability of sales and the profitability of a business rather than the underlying collateral like a traditional bank loan.

ü  CASH FLOW.  No fixed monthly payment so cash flow is easy to manage.

ü  FLEXIBLE.  Repaid from debit / credit card sales so payment is not made unless you get paid.

ü  SIMPLE.  No hidden fees & automatic process reduces administrative burden.

ü  FAST.  Quick and efficient access to capital requirements. 



                        MCA are used by a variety of business like restaurants, auto repair, dry cleaners and beauty salons.   No limitations – a great resource for any business with debit / credit card sales to obtain quick and easy access to cash for renovations, inventory, equipment repair, debt consolidation or even an RRSP purchase. 

The opportunities are endless and the process is quick and easy.   Don’t hesitate contact me today!

 Lynne Gibson, CGA

(416) 458-4246   lgibson@dominionlending.ca


12 Nov

Explore the Benefits of Leasing & Free up Working Capital


Posted by: Lynne Gibson

Yes it is possible to free up working capital and have cash available to grow your business in two words – EQUIPMENT LEASING!

For small businesses a common concern is having enough capital to run and grow operations.

Meeting payroll or buying more inventories can be a real strain on cash reserves.

Explore the many benefits of Leasing to meet your business & financing needs.

ü  EASIER FUNDING.  Banks often require several years of banking & credit vs. six months credit history with leasing.

ü  100% FINANCING.  Leasing will not only cover the cost of equipment but also the installation and maintenance. 

ü  FLEXIBILITY.  Lease almost any kind of equipment & avoid obsolescence by acquiring new equipment without having to keep costly equipment working years beyond its profitable time.

ü  CASH FLOW.  Take the guess work out of budget and cash flow projections with known payments over a specified period.  Option of customized payment scheduled for seasonal businesses.

ü  CONSERVE CREDIT LINES.  You can get the equipment you need now without utilizing your present bank credit lines.  Preserve the lines of credit for other uses means the same thing to you as expanding available credit.

ü  TAX ADVANTAGES.  Payments are often treated as fully deductible expense which translates into more rapid write off for your business.  Because the lease term is generally shorter than the depreciable life, payments can be expensed in a shorter duration saving you tax dollars in the short term.

Lease vs. buy what is the right decision?

Yes the answer can be this simple….

Buy or invest in an asset that appreciates in value.  Rent or Lease assets that depreciate in value.

When the objective is getting the maximum use out of a depreciating asset, it is the “use” that brings profits to the business not the “appreciation” of the asset itself. 

Be a smart business owner and maximize the use…minimize the investment.


Lynne Gibson, CGA

(416) 458-4246    lgibson@dominionlending.ca